Behold (ra-ta-ta-taaa)! The Princess Catherine doll!

Princess Catherine Doll

Looking like a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker (actual size) and Liz Hurley-Burly (minus the spray-on white jeans) and Diana Ross in Mahogany, this is the official (as official as official can official) the Princess Catherine doll (we thought she was called Kate!) as soon to be seen in a Hamley’s store near you, if you live on Regent’s Street.

Hamley’s, incidentally, is hell on earth. Millions of small people with absolutely no manners, and bubbles.

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One comment to “Behold (ra-ta-ta-taaa)! The Princess Catherine doll!”

  1. Imagine being compared to Liz Hurley. Shame! Anyway, the doll’s hair is neat whereas Liz Hurley’s hair always looks like it’s a post-sex hairdo……….probably is!!!!

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