And on the third day, God created hot mens in Speedos

men in speedos

This was the scene somewhere in London’s glittering UK yesterday, as Coleen Nolan off-of The Beverley Sisters filmed an outdoor segment for This Morning, the show that is still inexplicably presented by Holly ‘fat tits’ Willoughby when she’s not inexplicably giving birth.

The mens in Speedos are the contestants in a new reality show called The Hunks, in which… *shouts out ‘What is this The Hunks thing?’ in the orifice… waits…* a bunch of blokes are sent on holiday to Newquay or Torquay or Hull and, you know, do stuff. At least one of them is a homo, and at least three of them aren’t afraid of colour. But who?!

Though to be fair, you can see the hot mens in Speedos any time you like. Ask anyone. From a bum on the street to a high school kid.

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And on the third day, God created hot mens in Speedos, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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2 comments to “And on the third day, God created hot mens in Speedos”

  1. What are they all looking at? Each other?
    hottie on the back left gets my motor running.

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  2. hi this is vijay kahhi form india,,,i like this pic because thispic is sooooo swt,,,wid young ,,smart,,guys,,,wearing hot underwear,,,,,
    thanks u,,,,all the best keep it up,,,,boys,,,do well,,,<3<3

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