Sofia Vergara? J’adore.


This, ladies and germs and undecided and just getting there, is the new Diet Pepsi ad starring David Beckham and Sofia Vergara. The latter is just about one of our favourite people in the whole of showbiz’s glittering showbiz, says we as we begin our anecdote about interviewing her recently in London’s glittering Los Angeles for her ch-ch-ch-cheenius role in Modern Family. An anecdote that has to finish right there because the interview hasn’t come out yet and we’d get told off/sued if any of it ‘leaks’, as we believe the kids call it.

Advert, though, pretty good, right? Very retro. Or just plain old fashioned. And we j’adore Sofia’s side-glance at the end.

ps. Wonder how many takes it took for David to say ‘What’s going on over there?’ without sounding like one of the mice from Bagpuss?


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  1. moi adore aussi.

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