Look at Blue at G.A.Y over the Kate Middleton long weekend!

Blue, G.A.Y., Eurovish

Blue, who we nothing short of j’adore with every body part, appeared at London’s provincial (contradiction in terms, though those golden streets do attract all sorts!) G.A.Y over the weekend, to flog their song for Eurovish.

Their song for Eurovish is called ‘I Can’, and boy can they! *pats hair, etc.*

‘I Can’, which is their song for Eurovish, can be watched and listened to over the jump, depending on which sense you prefer.

Blue’s song for Eurovish, ‘I Can’, is currently joint favourite to win….. no, it’s gone. So long as those wily Easties ditch the nepotism act, that is, which is getting rather tedious. And while they’re at it, they can ditch the polyester jeans and ill-fitting bangs.

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2 comments to “Look at Blue at G.A.Y over the Kate Middleton long weekend!”

  1. am i the only who noticed the outline of Lee’s thingy (oooh I am a model of politeness).. look at the above of his thumb.

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  2. eh? Am i in a timewarp that was last year!! Its Englebert Pumpernickel this year!

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