Taking a week off from telling us that Jen and Brad are back together (they’re still not, by the way), Grazia have decided to photoshop Kate Middleton’s waist right down. ‘Cause she’s not slim enough for the chunkster mooses that work on Grazia…

But as well as photo-shopping the fuck out of the picture (as well as the waist-slimming, William has been removed and her arm has been changed – because there weren’t really enough pictures of that day, were they? Not for Grazia’s very high standards), their fiction writers have also had a field-day with all the ‘stories’ about what really went on at the ‘Royal rave-up’ (because they would know: ask Jennifer Aniston – it’s like they’re reading her mail or something).

And do you like that ‘Arise McQueen Kate’? Because those ladies have their fingers all over the pulse of high fashion – if by high fashion we mean Designers at Debenhams. They probably refer to him as ‘Lee’, not ‘Alexander’, because they’re like down with those avant garde designers, you know, like Karen Millen and Zara and ‘oh it’s vintage‘.

Honestly. Some people.

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