The European Map o’ Cuntiness

rainbow europe map 2011

This is a map showing who’s cunty and who’s not so cunty to the gays in London’s glittering Europe. We – Her Majesty’s UK – are rather lovely. The loveliest of them all, in fact. Those wily Easties with their block-voting and aversion to natural fabrics are very cunty. As is the Pope and his big ‘mo crew. And seeing as we’re at it, as is Anne Widdecombe and her permanently police taped-off vagina, and as is Gok Wan. Fierce? No.

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  1. For your US readers, here’s a similar map (from 2009, unfortunately, though not much has changed to date) documenting the growth of cuntiness in the U.S.of Assholeishness:

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  2. Oops sorry here’s a better one from 2011:,0,5111111.htmlstory

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