Could this be the next Mad Men? Could it? But could it?

The smoking, the drinking, the sexism, they were all there in Mad Men one of the most respected TV series since The Sopranos (which we weren’t big fans of: too much shouting. We don’t watch TV to see shouting. We watch TV to get away from shouting).

Now we have smoking, drinking and sexism – wait for it – in the air! Which, as anyone who’s ever had their legs in the air will tell you, is a who’ load more fun.

It is a new series. It is called Pan Am (not Pam Anne, that’s a whole other kettle of, ahem, fish). It stars Christina Ricci. As an air hostess on Pan Am, at a time when people smoked, drank and were sexist (two out of three ain’t bad – we’re thinking of our next trip to Mykonos)… in the air!

*gives someone a rub down with rubbing alcohol… before finishing the bottle*

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  1. They don’t have to show this series: it’s so obvious I’ve already seen it in my head.

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