And today’s celebrity bear is…

liev schreiber naked

Liev Schreiber.

*makes a note of that*

And remember, ‘i before e except after c. And chr, by the looks of it’.

*makes a note of that as well*

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3 comments to “And today’s celebrity bear is…”

  1. he’s done that thing where you shave off the tummy hair either side of the middle bit to give the illusion of non-flabbiness. i do that. he got that off me. looks well noice.

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  2. omg Id let this man do like as he likes he is like one of the top bear omg he is so hot idc how fat he is or what he is hot he is like Brad pitt just a bit chunkier brad can snap his fingers and id be on my knees in a sec

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  3. I’d spill my man gravy all over his meat – then lick it off.

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