This is big gay Syed off-of Eastenders with his top off. Front view.

syed eastenders naked

This is big gay Syed off-of Diddly ‘Denders with his top off, from behind.

syed naked eastenders

This is big gays plural Christian and Syed off-of la ‘Stend in bed together, perchance to dream, perchance to bum.

Christian and Syed in bed, Eastenders

And the point of this lovely story illustrated by pictures is that some bunch of cunts wrote/called/feltched in to Her Maj’s BBC to complain about two men – two gay men at that! – being shown in bed together, showing affection, one and a half hours before the watershed.

We don’t have to do the research because we all know the script by now…:

‘I had to explain to my ten-year-old daughter!’ said Cunt from Cuntsville. Some people are gay, some people are cunts – get over it!

‘My ten-year-old son now thinks he’s a homosexual because he kisses his dad,’ said Cunt from Cuntington, who went on to explain the differences between bestiality and giving your cat a tickle under the chin, with mixed results.

‘I’m not a homophobe, I just hate gays!’ said Cunty from, oh, somewhere, before getting the 11.43 to Liverpool Street Station in order to lie in the urinals and get pissed on. (No offense to Liverpool Street Station. We’ve never actually been in their loos because they charge human cash dollar and that’s just rude.)

The BBC, in turn, told them to fuck off. Only using pre-watershed words.


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This is big gay Syed off-of Eastenders with his top off. Front view., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. {*giggles*} … that was a funny write-up, Miss Me!

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  2. Don’t you mean ‘Eastbenders’? Oh stop it, ooh no, ooh please yourselves etc etc.

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