There’s a moose loose about this Harry Potter premiere.

Chloe Green Ollie Locke

Chloe Green off-of Philip Green – the Chloe Madeley of West London – is such a Chloe (TM). Here she is, in all her lumpen glory (it’s not fattest, by the way. There are actual lumps), accompanying the gay off-of The Only Chelsea is Made in Jersey at last night’s Harry Potter premiere. We say the gay, he’s actually ‘bi-sexual’ (and we’re an ovum), but he’s decided doubling one’s options in the front-/back-bumming stakes is good for earning potential. You can’t blame the kid, really. Ollie is not shown in this picture, incidentally, because he’s not.

Meanwhile, we’ve been eating cheesy straws dipped in Castello Creamy Blue. It’s all a girl needs.

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  1. How effing awful is that?

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