We’re not big fans of celebs on Question Time, but hats – and other garments – off to Hugh Grant

Celebrities on Question Time don’t work. Fact. The reason? They are mostly idiots. Fact. Even the so-called clever ones. Fact. Which is why our hearts sank when we saw dishy old Dave Dimblebottom announce one Hugh Grant on last night’s panel. Fact. We might stop saying ‘fact’ now. But bear in mind it’s all a fact. Or facts.

Anyways, for the first time in our living memory (which, granted, is quite short what with vodka and soda and all), more or less the whole programme was about one subject: the demise of News of the World and Murdoch in general.

You’ll have to watch the whole thing on BBC iPlayer as we were distracted by pinging on our iPhones throughout the show but the best lines were about The News of the World being not so much a newspaper as a protection racket, revelations that you-know-who, ginger nut, had blackmailed MPs into letting her off various hooks by promising to go for them personally in her ‘newspapers’ and her outing of Chris Bryant MP, who stood up to her.

There’s also a lovely quote from her at a party, bumping into Chris Bryant, where she said something along the lines of, ‘Oh, it’s after dark. Shouldn’t you be down Clapham Common?’ Even her husband Grant Mitchell off-of TV’s EastEnders told her, ‘Shut your mouth, you homophobic old cow’.

And now one of the oldest newspapers in the world has closed so that she can remain in her job. Whatever dirt must she have on Murdoch to have even him over a barrel?

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3 comments to “We’re not big fans of celebs on Question Time, but hats – and other garments – off to Hugh Grant”

  1. Ja. Dore.

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  2. Now, yours was a brilliant piece of journalism.
    She can now join the queue for “Dreadful Woman”!!

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  3. I’ve heard there’s a Luke Skywalker thing behind it

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