In honour of Bastille Day, one of our favourite clips from a Frenchie moving picture.

Vincent Perez La Reine Margot

Bastille Day – which is like Pancake Day, only with prisons – is today. It is a timely reminder of all French things we hold dear, like Tricolore textbooks, David Ginola’s salt ‘n’ pepper hair and Joe the taxi driver – and most notably one of our favourite scenes from the film La Reine Margot. It features Vincent Perez – who could’ve been huge but just wasn’t – making sweet, sweet man love. It is a scene that predates instantly accessible porn, though is a contemporary of behind-the-scenes interviews at sports matches when footballers got their cocks out for the viewers at home and not just hookers.

We say one of our favourites, because our favourite actually has prolonged full frontal, but we couldn’t find that scene for love nor French baguettes. So instead you’ll have to make do with this one, which has full back frontal. And an annoying song running the length of it. But as any greedy bottom knows, you gotta take the rough with some piece o’ shit Euro torch song.

ps. Skip to 2.40 for the money shot.

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