Ding, dong, the homophobic bitch is dead. She’s been dead to us for years.

Finally, FINALLY, Rebekah Brooks, nee Wade, pronounced Cunt, has decided to do the decent thing and resign. She intends to spend more time at home with her hair.

Her shock resignation (shock only because we thought she was going to cling on by her raggedy fingernails) comes as that lovely Mr. Murdoch character (is it us, but do even photographs of him smell funny?) says he’s been ‘irritated’ by the whole phone hacking scandal.

We think the parents of Milly Dowler were also quite irritated when his journalists led them to believe their daughter might still be alive by illegally deleting messages from her phone. Really irritated, they were. Miffed even.

‘I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt,’ lied Ms. Brooks in her resignation e-mail (it’s become a habit – don’t judge her too harshly). ‘I now need to concentrate on correcting the distortions…’ Yes, you read that right from the former editor of The Sun, ‘distortions’. ‘…And rebutting the allegations about my record as a journalist.’

Yeah, good luck with that.

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2 comments to “Ding, dong, the homophobic bitch is dead. She’s been dead to us for years.”

  1. not enough conditioner in the WORLD.

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  2. Why buy a sheepskin rug when you could just deck her and tread on her hair.

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