Spidey’s been working out!

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

In what has to be a Guiness World Record from the Guiness World Record Book of World Records, the trailer for the new Spidey Man film has been released a whole English year ahead of the film’s release. Which buggers the question, pourquoi?

Andrew Garfield, who plays Spidey, worked on his arms, legs and shoulders for the role because, as everybody knows, full-length body suits take no prisoners.

And after the break, you’ll be able to see the trailer of which we parlez, which begins with one of those ominous THX cinema surround sound base notes… which gets you right there.

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One comment to “Spidey’s been working out!”

  1. Another re-imagining?? Less than 10 years from the Toby do-dah one?
    I’ll still go & see it like but running-out-of-ideas-much?

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