Steps is back 6-7-8!

It’s for a four-part Sky documentary, which will follow the five Steps members as they try to put their past behind them and gear up for the release of their Greatest Hits album, which we thought had already been out but there you have it.

End of story really. Just to say we love them in this order: Faye, H, Lee, Clare, Lisa. And would bum them in this order: Lee, Faye, Clare, Lisa, H.

Jump the jump to put a little Steps in your giddy up on this fine London morning…httpv://

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Steps is back 6-7-8!, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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2 comments to “Steps is back 6-7-8!”

  1. Fabulous! Just fabulous! I’m practising my Deeper Shade Of Blue moves as we speak.. cor Lee in that vid is nice and oiled up innit? phwoarr!

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  2. I loved Claire’s voice … and Faye’s hair when it was platinum & dreaded … wikkid!

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