Will Young’s penis, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Will Young's penis

This is purported to be Will Young’s penis, inside of a legging, inside of a jock strap, inside of a cupped hand. It is taken from the video for his new single, ‘Jealousy’.

At least one half of a person in our orifice can vouch for the size of Will Young’s penis, but even that isn’t persuading us.

And whilst you ponder that queerdary, we invite you to listen to Will Young’s new single, ‘Jealousy’. If you want to stick your fingers in your ears, so be it.

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8 comments to “Will Young’s penis, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?”

  1. I would.

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  2. I find this boy repellent in every which way. From his under-bite to his crusade to make everyone think he’s intelligent, via his stingingly awful voice to his very own brand of insipid gayness. I do not want him as one of my own. Je deteste.

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  3. Hear hear Champagne. He is vile. Did you see him on Question Time? Thick as you like.

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  4. i see more balls than actual penis so no not really unless they show some like that swimmer guy a few stories up then ill believe it but for now no…

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  5. I hate how he does giggling humble one minute and attitudey diva the next. If he was indeed on Question Time that only cements his self-important cuntiness. *Enter ‘Better leave right now’ related gag somewhere here*

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  6. Don’t know him personally, which is probably the same for everyone else, so all we can judge on his talent. I love this track and nearly all the others, but do understand that it may not be to everyone’s liking.

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  7. Tim, you are so balanced and reasonable. What tablets have they got you on?

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  8. I think he is adorable, friendly, beautiful smile, creative and talented. Does he sound like 6,000 other artists of today? No. Thank goodness. Aren’t you guys tired of same meal every day of your life musically speaking? I would love to know what he has down below but really what does that have to do with anything in the scheme of things? Penis size, talent and music doesn’t go hand in hand.

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