From behind, he’s a dolly…

Howard Donald from behind

From the front, he’s…. (this is the bit where you click the ‘continues’ button and all your worries disappear. It’s not dissimilar to the feeling you get after you’ve downed a bottle of vodka, which obviously we enjoy responsibly. We also fear we’ve over-sold this…)

…… Howard Donald off-of sings with a lisp! Who knew such people could be pop stars! He also has low-hanging balls! We won’t reveal our sources so don’t ask!

Howard Donald topless

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From behind, he's a dolly..., 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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3 comments to “From behind, he’s a dolly…”

  1. Jason was always my favourite, but I wouldn’t kick Howard out.

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  2. Looking good for 43. I wonder when Jason will actually come out. Its 2011 for gods sake and so many other boyband members have!!

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  3. Oh come on, you know he is packing up good and would do you until you wouldn’t be able to walk straight!

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