Shane Warne surgery

This is Shane Warne, who now looks like a perspiring arse cheek. He’s had a bungee jump tied to the back of his head, been shoved off a cliff by a hand called Liz Hurley’s humiliation, and has re-emerged with the slack cut off, alpha-hydroxied skin, boot-cut jeans torn here and here, two-tone aviators through which you can still see his Millionized eyelashes, a studded belt with twice the necessary holes, and Sean from Coronation Street’s hair.

As our Antipodean friends might say, totes humil.

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2 comments to “Oof.”

  1. You didn’t mention the sweat. And what’s with those cuts in the bottom of his jeans?

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  2. I don’t know which bit to start laughing at first. Those Jeans scream at me for attention, but the money shot chin is *priceless*

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