Abercrombie & Fitch have offered hard cash for The Situation not to wear their gear…

It’s sad (so sad), so sad. It’s a sad, sad Situation and it’s getting more and more absurd. Especially in yellow sweats, though they do show whatever penis it is he’s wearing off to quite an effect.

Anyways, it is being said by all the right people and some of the wrong ones that The Situation, who is a character from reality TV, has been asked, asked nicely and even offered hard cash NOT to wear A&F.

And you know why? Because The Situation (Jersey Shore, would it be?) is exactly the sort of person who wears A&F while A&F are busy getting Bruce Weber to spin the conceit that it’s all-American athletes who live mainly in the Adironkaks and have cheekbones you could toboggan down. Oh, and a dog. And a kayak. And something Native American.

We will take that A&F dollar. But we fear it might be wasted as we already don’t wear the stuff. Devil!

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2 comments to “Abercrombie & Fitch have offered hard cash for The Situation not to wear their gear…”

  1. People with class don’t wear tacky clothes emblazoned with the name of the manufacturer. That’s for poor people … and stupid people … who don’t know they’re being used as billboards. Want to advertise your products or ‘name brand’ on me? Pay me.

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  2. I think he has a small penis: Penises that stick out like that are not long enough to lay to the side.

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