Straight men can wear Speedos

Exhibit A: Seal.

He is straight.

He is wearing Speedos.

The defence rests, m’lord. With a nice cup of tea and a Hob Nob.

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Straight men can wear Speedos, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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3 comments to “Straight men can wear Speedos”

  1. Pity his face is off of Tottenham

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  2. Isn’t he off-of largesse!

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  3. He can have a kiss from my rose (bud) any day. He is certianly filling them out. Tis a shame his face looks like his dermatologist was Freddie Kruger, but like a wise man once told me, you don’t look at the mantlepeice when you’re stoking the fire.

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