Carrie Fisher. Face, much?

Carrie Fisher facelift?

Carrie Fisher – actress, writer, daughter, mother, man, woman – appeared on NBC’s Today show, today, yesterday, who knows, to bask in the glory of losing 50lb. Which is 50lbs in old money.

But what harks? A facelift? A trick of the light? A bungee jump tied to the back of her head? A cross between Linda Gray, Lynda Carter and another Linda?

And as expected at times like these, all of Twitter is a-buzz!

‘What?’ said someone.

‘But, what?’ said someone else.

‘I can’t believe it!’ said another.

‘@’ said someone else entirely.

‘Grrrr,’ said Chewbacca.

‘#’ said Stephen Fry.

Manhattan is also rumoured to be a-buzz.

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4 comments to “Carrie Fisher. Face, much?”

  1. I’ve yet to see a phenomenal facelift. Mind you, years of alcohol, drugs and smoking don’t aid anything.

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  2. I don’t think she looks that bad. What did she used to look like? It’s not as bad as Catherine Deneuve’s job…

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  3. Aw, j’adore Carrie, I don’t care what she looks like.

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  4. It’s just me at home, but the headline just made me spit from 3 places. Top marks.
    Meanwhile Carrie Fisher has proven no matter how old, drugged, fat, depressed and boozeridden you might get it’s possible to get your shit together and be proud of yourself again. If I had her strength I might have lost this 2 stone of weight I’ve been bitching about for 10 years.

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