Lady Gaga reaches her SEX book phase

She puts Kylie to shame, does Lady Gaga. Mind you, a piece of half chewed toffee with some nuts in it puts Kylie to shame but then that’s a whole nother can of tapeworms. No, we’re just saying that in the Madonna-mimicking stakes, Gaga is already up to the SEX book stage that took Madonna a decade to reach.

Look out for some very bad films, a couple of marriages, a few toyboys, a close friendship then falling out with a lesbian comic, an English accent, two children, some adoptions and a directing career by Christmas.

The pictures, btw, are out-takes from a shoot Lady GG did with Vogue. The ones they ran with featured Gaga in Marks & Spencers Autograph range, because that’s the edgy shit they go for over at Vogue book.

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Lady Gaga reaches her SEX book phase, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Skank will be done in less than a year only reason her album sold was onky cus Hello! guess the price only 99cents

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