Good to see fashion has moved on since 1996

Ab Fab Christmas special 2011

These are pictures from the new Ab Fab, also known as the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special 2011.

Those with a beady eye may be exclaiming, ‘What is up in the air with you!’ at this juncture, seeing as the pictures were released before London’s glittering Bank Holiday Weekend. Thing is, we started to write the feature, got pissed, forgot to press ‘publish’. It may be a matter for the police.

It shows Eddie and Patsy shopping on Bond Street, in get-ups (that’s slang for ‘outfits’) that wouldn’t have looked out of place 15 years ago, except for the heels, which are slightly higher. And this is no criticism of Jennifer Saunders – her skills of observation are off-the-scale cheeenius – which is why it is instead a criticism of the modern fashions. Which are pig lazy.

And owing to that last paragraph, we are now able to call ourselves ‘fashion journalists’. We will get a gig writing a gonzo blog during London Fashion Week where we will make wry remarks about hob-nobs nobbing with the hobbly-nobs about Somerset House, get paid in beans, get a three-book publishing deal to write the story of our life – in two parts – with Parker Posey in the lead role, win plaudits from Stylist for generally being general, have three hairstyles a year, suffer from exhaustion, make an appearance on Something for the Weekend just to slap Louise Nerding, take part in two Marks & Spencers adverts, give birth, then pack it all in. And we’re a single mother!

And if you’ve read this far, well done you. So here’s Eddie with her face pressed up against the window at Stella McCartney. Can’t blame her really, Stella’s very kind to trees.

Ab Fab Christmas special

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