Some post-Bank Holiday Weekend musings

Sean Penn topless

Bendy bussing it (not really) into the orifice after the long weekend of bank hollydays, or BHW if you’re a NYE, LOL, ROLF kinda CU Next Tuesday, we brushed away the usual free riding skanks, disableds and grannies to bag ourselves a seat and a papier only to be rewarded with this pic of Sean Penfold skip-skip-skip-to-the-looing in naught but his unnecessaries and a ‘tache.

Said paper reliably informed us that Penfold, of Formerly Inside Madonna fame, is rather fit. And not only that, but he’s fit at 51 years of age. Who knew such things were possible? Certainly not Too-Tight-Speedos-Man, TBSATJ (to be seen after the jump). The question and/or questions are, could we? Yes. But have we? We couldn’t possibly divulge… *pause*… No.

David Beckham tight speedos

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