Some news from Marks’s.

Marks & Spencer Ryan Reynolds Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley

Marks ‘n’ Sparks/Marks’s/Marksees has unveiled its latest campaign, and we’ve slipped off our designer-imposter stools we’re that excited.

Starring Ryan Reynolds off the telly and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-Casper-Moore off-of Jason Statham (we should homo!), this season it’s all about clothes that fit around the body.

‘Going into an M&S store with my family or friends always gives me a beautiful pang of nostalgia,’ said Ryan who, despite being Canadian, was often seen at the Handforth Dean branch of Marks’s during his youth. And ours.

‘The Autograph collection is a modern take on the classic style I love and feel most comfortable wearing,’ he continued to read from the press release.

‘The pieces in this collection are lasting staples that’ll never go out of style.’

Not only will we be the judge of that, but thank the Baby G they’ve ditched Myleene Klass off-of smug. S’all we’re saying.

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