Google’s never been so gay

Google Freddie Mercury

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday and Google – a popular interdolly search engine – has done that thing where they make over their homepage in homage of something and/or someone. And today, it’s in homo-age of Freddie Mercury. Who would’ve been 65 today. It’s often worth repeating information.

But not content with just a doodle – a ‘tache, say – they’ve gone and done a whole animation, to the music of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. It’s cute and Freddie looks bummable. Which is ironic, seeing as that’s how he got himself in this situation in the first place.

As our mother would say, ‘They don’t make them like that anymore.’

As our mother would also say, ‘Such a lovely voice. Shame he was a poof.’

Nice mother.

Now for some age-appropriate moving pictures.

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  1. Oh, Freddie…. MeMeMe’s mother was write. One of a kind. And also a poof!

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