Ten things you need to know about Westfield Stratford City

1. It’s not a city. Even though the gentleman opening it kept trying to suggest it was a city it is in fact Europe’s largest shopping centre. It has no hospital, school, park – you know, the stuff cities have. But it does have shops.

2. The shops it does have are the shops you would expect. The same ones they have at Gatwick Airport.

3. Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to be able to buy trousers the right size. During his speech he had to keep his hand down the back of them to stop them falling down. Also, a comb wouldn’t hurt.

4. Sinitta did the opening ceremony. Although they were saying it was Nicole Scherzinger or somesuch.

5. Pixie Geldof was compere. So you know they were spending some money.

6. A coffee on arrival or the ability to buy a coffee would have been nice.

7. The lunch in the casino was very good with unlimited champagne and sushi and even some kosher stuff for those who like that sort of thing.

8. You can see the stadium from the centre itself.

9. It’s very well connected: it took us just 7 minutes from Romford, Essex.

10. It’s a shopping centre. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Ten things you need to know about Westfield Stratford City, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. In conclusion, I have no reason to ever go there. Thanks for the heads up!

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  2. I’m SO going.

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