And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Parke & Ronen pants

Men’s underwear is selling like hot cocks! But not just any men’s underwear… the ‘mantie’! Which is a term coined by someone or something who really doesn’t know any better, and is an amalgam of ‘man’s pantie’. They are also bandying about the term ‘figure-hugging brief’. Or, the ‘brief, as bought by people who understand sizes’, to call it by any other name. Or, to you, us and him over there, ‘a pair of pants’.

But such is the phenomenon, Marks ‘n’ Sparks has seen sales of ‘the mantie’ soar (their word) by a whole English third in the last year. It is thought advertising has something to do with it.

And such is the phenomenon, that the English Oxford Dictionary is considering adding the word ‘mantie’ to its vocabulary. No it isn’t.

And to illustrate this story, we have used a picture of a man in figure-hugging pants. Or just a speedo. Who knew!

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