Bradley Pitt sounds just as good as he looks…

This is Bradley to Parade magazine (sister magazine to Razzle) about the religiouses getting their panties in a bunch over gay marriage…

‘What are you so afraid of? That’s my question. Gay people getting married? What is so scary about that? It’s complicated. You grow up in a religion like that and you try to pray the gay away. I feel sadness for people like that. This is where people start short-circuiting—instead of being brave and questioning their beliefs, they are afraid and feel that they have to defend them. I don’t mind a world with religion in it. There are some beautiful tenets within all religions. What I get hot about is when they start dictating how other people must live. People suffer because of it. They are spreading misery.’

Can we give the man a hip-hip and a hooray? Obviously, when we say ‘hip, hip, hooray’ we mean ‘right good bumming’…

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Bradley Pitt sounds just as good as he looks..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. You’ve got to love him and his little bum but a seriously shit actor. Did anyone see Inglorious Basterds? I was shocked at how bad he/it was.

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