There’s a moose loose about this London Fashion Week.

Alexandra Shulman Burberry show

And we’re not talking about Samantha Cameron (don’t call her SamCam. She’ll get cocky) even though, well, yeah, okay, go on then.

But first and fore of the mosts, we’re here to talk about Alexandra Shulman.

As editor of British Vogue, she is arguably the most powerful woman in British fashion after Rusty Lee, yet she looks like she’s been dragged through Barbara Bush’s bush backwards. In spite of the fact that it is her job to look good, she looks like she slipped through security at yesterday’s Burberry show whilst on her way to lick the frosty outsides of the frozen pea packets down the Co-Op. Despite being the face of a magazine to whom beauty brands pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to advertise, there’s not even a sliver of strawberry lipsalve on that pasty pudding face. The clothes – teamed with what can only be described as a pair of tan tights – make George at Asda look like the court of Louis XIV. And she looks like she’s holding a bunch of keys.

And that’s before we’ve even started on the hair. We’re thinking Edith Beale in terms of a solution.

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There's a moose loose about this London Fashion Week. , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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4 comments to “There’s a moose loose about this London Fashion Week.”

  1. She is wearing what I would call a revolutionary costume.

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  2. She’s a fucking state.

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  3. Conde Nast need to take this woman aside and give her a good talking to. Then a kick up the cunt, just to show they care.

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  4. Her grooming budget has obviously been taken away becasue of the credit crunch!!! What a mess!!

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