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Danny Mac

Danny Mac off-of Hollyoaks has won ‘Sexiest Male’ at what can only be described as the Inside Soap Awards, which took place somewhere the other day. We’ll be the judge of that.

These awards – which we’re assuming were voted for by the public – also saw EastEnders win ‘Best Soap’, despite it being utter bollocks.

It is utter bollocks for the following reasons:

– They really do overestimate our interest in the Masoods.

– That Ben character – who has at least inherited his screen father’s eggy good looks – is obviously punching above his weight with that boy he’s snogging/tom fooler-ing around with, but we do applaud a soap that has the gall to admit that some gay people are plain. Get over it! (That’s sort of praise, so not necessarily bollocks. Or maybe it is bollocks. Who are we to say what base Ben has got to?)

– Tania isn’t bollocks. We believe that deserved special mention.

– The writing? The writing.

– And c) and maybe even d).

ps. Ben could now be called BenGay. Or Gayben. As in Gayb’n. Or Bent Ben. Or Bendover. Or Bend it like Ben. Or Big Ben. Or Medium Ben. Or Benjamin. Or Dolly.

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