You can imagine how excited the Daily Cunt is about this…

Daily Mail homophobia

They even dedicated an entire box-out to it!

The statistic comes hither from a survey that was clearly conducted with the same accuracy as the effectiveness of l’Oreal Volume Millionize Mascara, and even suggests… oh, honestly, it’s all bollocks so it must be true.

As usual the gay lobby (has anyone ever met this gay lobby? Why didn’t we get an invite?) is being blamed for all the dogs to which the country has gone, and at least 17 of the fish-wives harping on on this piece of Daily Fascist propaganda (see, it’s not only the gays who can manipulate!) are obsessed by gays on the Telly V.

‘Homosexuals make up only 1.5% of the population?’ squealed John from Wales. ‘Surely that can’t be right, the TV stations that reflect the nation with their soaps and TV presenters put the figure at 25%. How else could they justify employing so many from one minority section of society?’

John from Wales has been taking notes.

Besides, the gentlemen (for we really are gentlemen) in this room alone have had 1.7% of the male population between us. We think someone’s telling porkies.

It’s a fairly big room, by the way.
ps. 100% – ‘Some 94 per cent (who) say they are heterosexual’ = 6% of the population who aren’t heterosexual.
pps. Just sayin’.
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2 comments to “You can imagine how excited the Daily Cunt is about this…”

  1. I would say a gay lobby is the one at the Ritz. It’s a camp as tits.

    In other news I just saw yet another well thought through headline on BBC. ‘Wounded soldier faces discharge’

    Poor bugger.

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  2. Yeah, I think we all know that it’s more than 1 in 100 is gay. Methinks there is a problem with the methodology! Which is fair because the ONS says that it’s experimental. The bigger point is how do they account for an average of nine per cent difference? Sexuality is clearly a sensitive issue when the likes of the Daily Cunt choose to attack people based on what they do with their cock or lady cavern.

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