Soon to be seen on a lump near you.

Versace for H&M

Behold *spreads arms* an outfit from Donatella Versace’s new range for H&M, as seen in this month’s Vogue. It hits the shelves (literally? Doubt it) on 19th November, which is a Saturday.

So expect all the wrong people to be squeezing their thighs into a floral legging, imminently and also soon. If you see one inside of an Ugg, you have permission to push them over. It’s okay, they’ll probably bounce right back up again.

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2 comments to “Soon to be seen on a lump near you.”

  1. The shamrock on the sleeve is especially… erm, especial.

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  2. We miss you Gianni!! Looks like something from the “Acid School of Design”!!!!!

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