And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Zoo magazine

Hitch ’em up like so, pop on a pair of beige booties, slip on a plastic Burberry rain cape, slip on what can only be described as a white afro bonnet, draw a line down your chin like you just don’t care, drink half a bottle of nail polish remover to make those abs tight, tight, tight! (we don’t condone that sort of behaviour, nor to we encourage it. It’s just a tip a famous told us on a photo-shoot once. ‘But it could also kill you, dolly!’ we said back, a little taken aback. But what price a six-pack?), and hey presto you’ve got today’s Breaking Underwear News. Courtesy of Zoo.

It’s smart for town.

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  1. Wait. What? What’s happening? C0NFUSED.

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