Kevin Webster’s been arrested on suspicion of a historical sexual offence!

kevin webster arrested!

The actor who plays Kevin Webster in Coronation Street (he’s an actor?) has been arrested on suspicion of not just a sexual offence, but a historical sexual offence.

Michael Le Vell was arrested at his home in Manchesterford’s glittering Hale on September 30th, in relation to a crime that was thought to date back all the way to the Plantagenets.

‘A 46-year-old man from Hale has been arrested on suspicion of a historic sexual offence. The man was arrested at an address in Hale at 8am on Friday September 30, 2011,’ said Greater Manchesterford Police. All of them.

Kevin le Webster – who always did have a nice bulge in his overalls – strenuously denies any acting was involved.

We can’t help but be a little bit turned on right now.

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