Please, people, this is a private moment!

Alex Reid Chantelle Houghton

Celebrity shaggers – for, ’tis true, they do nowt but bum for a living – Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton are here seen enjoying a private moment watched by a flotilla of photographers beside a pool at a hotel, the location of which we couldn’t really give a fuck about.

Alex Reid – who shaves his legs because those milliseconds make all the difference – is wearing white trunks with the words Emporio Armani Discount Village, Bicester written on them. They show the outline of, well, something.

This any better…?

Alex Reid VPL

We wonder – because that’s the sort of people we are – whether his shaving spreads all the way up and under. Crack, sack and chuff? After all, who doesn’t like a clean work surface!

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