Westloife have split up. We’re not sure, but we believe the appropriate response is, ‘Hooray!’.

Westlife split

Westlife, who are responsible for a whole load of shit, have decided to split after a very long time together. During which time they produced shit after shit after shit, but thought that wearing undone bow ties – just like so – would give them credibility. They were the Irish Sammy Davis Jr.!

Fortunately, shit sells. Shit also stinks, however many undone bow ties you stick around it (just like so). Oh but to be fair to be fair to be fair, you would agree to sing the shit if the shit gave you shitloads of cash. And to be fair, who isn’t up for the crack? Fuck the craic, though. What the fuck’s that when it’s at home?

And the language round here is just appalling.

*inserts Louis Walsh bumming reference; inserts it again*

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