Today’s hold music, in reverse.

Drew Manning before

Drew Manning after

This man – that’s what he is! Don’t come out of a bag on us! – is called Drew Manning and he is a personal trainer. So far, so cliche. He is from Utah, and is sporting the sort of toothy grin in the top picture that only Americans feel comfortable getting away with. (What do they teach them at school?)

So you may be thinking, what have we here? A man who saw the light or Jesus or the shortest Wilson Phillip and decided, ‘I don’t want to be that person anymore!’ and swapped his Krispy Kreme for a sundried goji, his deep fried chicken for a Ryvita covered only in love?

NO! Just, NO!

For there is a twist in this tale. The picture you think is the after picture is in fact the before picture; and the picture you think is the before picture is in fact the *checks notes* after picture!

*rubs eyes*

That is because Drew Manning, personal trainer, 30, from Utah, decided to get fat in order to ‘understand the physical, emotional and mental toll that weight gain and weight loss may have’.

Which at least offers fatties an alternative to ‘it’s my genes!’.

And Drew Manning is so serious as a heart attack, he even has a website. What next, a mobile phone?

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  1. That smile is freaky!

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