Peaches Geldof ‘caught shoplifting in Boots’

Peaches Geldof

Firstly, it appears that hateful daughters of famouses not only look the same, but also carry the same amount of lump around their faces. Peaches Geldof, Chloe Green, Chloe Madeley… what do they feed these creatures?

Secondly, Peaches ‘Sticky Fingers’ Geldof has allegedly been caught shoplifting, in London’s glittering Boots the Chemist. The one on Regent Street. It’s like them Hollywood Hills in there.

She nicked £70-worth of make-up, apparently. Gonna take more than that, love…

It’s not certain whether she stuffed the Boots Booty (it just came to us. What can we say!) into her cheeks, but at the very least means Peaches can add ‘thief’ to her already bulging resume. Silver linings.

Oh but thank the Baby Jesus for small mercies. We were beginning to think about maybe considering the possibility of not despising her. We even chose a not particularly moose-y picture!

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One comment to “Peaches Geldof ‘caught shoplifting in Boots’”

  1. People like her shoplift as a “F*** you” attitude!! Irritating, talentless little so-and-so!!
    Great parenting, Sir Bob! Is that what he got the title for?!?!?!!!!!!

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