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Nice people.

Religious cunts

George Michael, currently poorly in a hospital in Austria (someone has to be!), has become the expected victim of hate from a bunch of crazies over in the United Americas. They are called Christians For A Moral America (we’ll be the judge of that), and their Twitter name is GodsWordIsLaw (sic. And sick) – and not only do they need to add an apostrophe after God and then look up the word ‘law’, they also believe George Michael deserves to die because he is gay. And therefore evil. They also believe George has AIDS. Because he is gay. And evil. They also clearly need to get bummed, and hard.

*calls God; gets His voicemail; discovers God has used a snippet of ‘Name And Number’ by Curiosity Killed The Cat. He’s down the kids!*

Via here. *waves*



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There are more important things than naked rugby players, just not now.

Harlequins naked

Starting from the left and ending with the right, then starting all over again, this is Karl Dickson, Sam Smith (alliteration!) and Seb Stegmann (alliteration!), and they play for the Harlequins. They have stripped down to their lily-white red boxer briefs (how often do we have to tell you people? Bikini briefs!) in aid of the Terrence Higgins World AIDS Day campaign, Stand Up, Stand Out. You heard the man!


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Oh hello


This is Sacha Harding (we’ll be the judge of that). He is a rugby player, was voted Manliest Male Man in the World by the Daily Express (we’ll be the judge of that), and he’s stripped down to pubes for Gay Times (we’ll be the judge of that) in order to raise (we’ll be the judge of that) awareness for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Because naked manly men discourage having unprotected bumming with manly men, or not so manly men. Or Elton John. We don’t judge. Though we will be the judge of that.


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Bitch stole our idea

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Hugh Jackman: ‘I’m losing 1-2 kilos a night by being in a musical’

Hugh Jackman speedos

Is that a euphemism for bumming?


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It’s not gratuitous if it turns us on

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‘Was that made from your dad’s string vest, Kate?’ asks the Daily Mail

Kate Moss British Fashion Awards

Er, no.

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A sneak preview of Lady Gaga on the cover of Elle. Which is a magazine.

Here she is. Lady of Gaga. Appearing on the cover of Elle magazine. Tomorrow. What else can we say? Nice blouse?

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