No, it’s not Joey from Friends, it’s Mark from TOWIE in his I’m A Celebrity… I’ll Be the Judge Of That costume

Oh, yes, ladies, germs and undecideds, Mark from TOWIE is officially a celebrity in that he is officially in official celebrity show, I’m A Celebrity… there’s more but it slips our mind. Oh, yeah, Get Me Out of Here.

Alongside of Mark TOWIE will be such televisual luminaries as Anthony ‘the gay off of Corrie’ Cotton, Stephanie ‘the posh off of Corrie’ Beacham, someone off of McFly, someone off of Benidorm, someone of off The Real Hustle, someone off of horse racing, someone off of javelin throwing, Freddie Starr, Lorraine Chase, Stephanie Powers, all the greats.

Unfortunately, The Morecombe and Wise Afterbirth Twins Ant ‘n’ Dec will be presenting.

*dons pith helmet, exits*

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No, it's not Joey from Friends, it's Mark from TOWIE in his I'm A Celebrity... I'll Be the Judge Of That costume, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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