Biscuit Boy and Anal Danyl?

Craig Colton Danyl Johnson

The rising intonation on that question was very rising, let us tell you.

Rumour has it that Biscuit Boy AKA Biscuit Boy off-of X Factory is bumming Anal Danyl AKA Anally Danyly off-of X Factory-a-while-back. This rumour started because both of them are homos and they were seen out together. Which means our bottoms should be ragged after the weekend we had. Let us tell you.

In other news, someone told us Rihanna was at Shoreditch’s glittering The Joiners last night. As were we. Our lips are sealed. Though we’d do Hello! magazine.

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  1. Anal has lost his looks, hasn’t he. As for Biscuit Boy…

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