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The Muppets are communists. It’s official. Well, according to Fox News.

Fox News (background: recent research found that people who watched Fox News were LESS WELL INFORMED – that’s us shouting! – than people who watched NO NEWS AT ALL! And that’s a FACT!) has declared that The Muppets are communists. And Miss Piggy is a slag.

It’s a long and predictable story about the new movie featuring a corrupt businessman (because they don’t exist, do they?), but included Fox Newsperson Andrea Tantaros (who sounds like a foreigner to us) chiming in, ‘I just wish liberals could leave little kids alone.’

She has a point. Because if the liberals get to them first, there’ll be none left for the Church.


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The Muppets are communists. It's official. Well, according to Fox News., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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