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$68 per bum

Louis Vuitton condom

Behold the Louis Vuitton condom, which retails – in your nearest Louis Vuitton retailer! – at $68 a pop/bum/schtup/shag/screw/pound/hump/bang/poke/finger-if-you’re-particularly-safe-sex-oriented. Which is about half a crown in old money.

The condom itself is tawny in colour, and embossed with LV ALL OVER. If you rub on it, you get Marc Jacobs. Or Kanye West. Or a piece of luggage. Clutch bag if you’re unlucky.



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$68 per bum, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Buy one and you’ll be getting f***** twice – first when you purchase it!!

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  2. That one and only shag better be worth it!

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