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Oh look, it’s Madonna’s new movie poster. Overstating it a little though, love…

Apparently it doesn’t stand for Well Endowed but for Wallis (not the shop, the slag) and Edward, erstwhile King Edward VIII and his trampy, Nazi-loving excuse for a girlfriend. Which is kind of disappointing. We were sort of in the mood for a film about someone who was well endowed. But then, when weren’t we in that sort of mood?

And while we love Madonna, love Alek who wrote it and can’t wait to see it, we do think the poster is overstating things a little. It wasn’t their passion that brought down an empire, it was a voraciously imperialist post-war American government intent on asset stripping Britain not only through the Lend Lease scheme, for which the UK finished paying a couple of years ago, and through the dismantling of the British Empire.

Just saying.

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Oh look, it's Madonna's new movie poster. Overstating it a little though, love..., 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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