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Harry Judd? Large penis, much?

Harry Judd Attitude

This is Harry Judd, Most Bummable Man of the Moment (MBMM), as seen on the cover of Attitude. Starting from the top and working down, we like his tits, ass and sizeable chunk inside of the no-nonsense pants. We’re fans of no-nonsense pants. Much like robots from the future, we think they’re the future.

According to the interview with Harry Judd inside, he worked hard to get that body.

*makes a note of that*

After the break, we’ve included two more shots from the Harry Judd shoot. One in particular is keeping us up at all hours.

The briefs, incidentally, are by Hom. Stick an o at the end, and you’ve got a whole other letter.

Harry Judd's chest

Harry Judd in pants

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  1. hubba hubba

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  2. Nice tits indeed. Not sure about the belly button.

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  3. Pretty eyes . . .

    /yeah, I know, you weren’t looking at that. ;-)

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  4. Holy Mother of God that’s nice.

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