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Most Googled gays of 2011

Ricky Martin Speedos

Gays love a list – some will even admit to it – and this list is so crazy off the scale we didn’t even look up whilst copying it out from another website. It is the Most Googled Gays and Lezzies of 2012, which features a whole bunch of mo’s we’ve never heard of. It is notable by its absence of lots of people, as well as others.

1) Ricky Martin (he’s gay?!)

2) Elton John (he’s gay?!)

3) Perez Hilton (he’s a knob)

4) Marc Jacobs (he’s a cracker?!)

5) Adam Lambert (gay much?)

6) Ellen DeGeneres (he’s gay?!)

7) George Michael (she’s gay?!)

8) Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother? We’ll be the judge of that)

9) Alexander McQueen (er, Lee to his bumchums!)

10) Dan Choi (us neither. Iraq War Veteran. Us neither.)

11) Rachel Maddow (the Rachel Maddow Show. Never ‘eard.)

12) Tom Ford. He of hair.

13) Jillian Michaels. If we were lesbian we’d probably Google her.

14) Chris Colfer (Glee. We’ve had half a bottle of red since starting this story…)

15) Nate Berkus (The Nate Berkus Show. Conceited, much?)

16) Jane Lynch, lezbehavingyou off-of Glee

17) Portia De Rossi (Ellen’s  husbear)

18) RuPaul (hooray!)

19) Suze Orman (Suze? Really, Suze?)

20) Zachary Quinto (AKA the most bummable of the lot)


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  1. I know a good story about Our Ricky, but I can’t tell it here as it involves doing a “hand movement”.

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