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Two showbiz splits, one naked man.

Gethin Jones Attitude


Katy Perry and Russell Brand have split up, after not a very long time together. We hate to be cocky about these things – not on an empty stomach, anyway (it’s New Year’s Eve. Of course our stomachs are empty. This isn’t our first time at the rodeo, you know!) – but we predicted this would happen on the very day – the very day – of their marriage. We know! It’s one of the reason’s God loves us!

Re. this particular split, we couldn’t give a fuck. Not even a flying one.

Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones – off-of Wales – have also split up. They weren’t married, but they were engaged. This we do give a fuck about – a big old flying fuck – because they are almost quite possibly the loveliest people in the business of shows, and we’d also like to have bummings with Gethin.

And in honour of our empathetic hearts that are broken in two, maybe three, here’s a close-up of Gethin’s chest. Wethankyou.

Gethin Jones naked

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  1. I so would.

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  2. Gethin sure is one hot looking guy (((hugs))) from me to him!

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