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And in today’s breaking underwear news…

David Beckham H&M

We bring you David Beckham in a pair of H&M kecks. Now then now then, he needs to heed a few wise words, that one. Apart from the fact his dolly transfers look like shite, his VPL is neither big nor clever. It is, in fact, non existent. And what’s the point of that? said in a rhetorical manner, perhaps whilst wearing a jaunty bonnet.

The Daily Hate exclaims David’s ‘impressive package’, but then they wouldn’t know a decent cock if it tea-bagged them in the face. Liz Jones is, however, a cunt.

And far be it for us to criticize – we’re bummers, not haters – but will David Beckham quit with the modelling-modelling-modelling frown already. What if the wind changes? Hmmmn?


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