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Justin Bieber, from behind. It’s the only way he’ll stand a chance.

Justin Bieber Jesus tattoo

The purpose of this story is not to slag off Justin Bieber, but to say how much of a twat he is. And no, we don’t fear the wrath of Ugg-wearing lumpen teenage trouts, who have defied modern science to create a whole new female body shape – oblong.

Justin Bieber, who is pictured from behind because we’ve just downed a handful of sunflower seeds (see story below) and we don’t won’t them making a cameo on our laptop, has got himself a tattoo of Jesus on his calf. That’s the baby Jesus to you.

There now follows an open letter to Justin Bieber:

Dear Lezboy,

A dog is for life, the baby Jesus is just for Christmas. Easter if you’re dumb. The rest of the time if you’re really piss dumb.

Yours and theirs,

Sign sign sign sign.

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Justin Bieber, from behind. It's the only way he'll stand a chance., 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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One comment to “Justin Bieber, from behind. It’s the only way he’ll stand a chance.”

  1. I love that Jesus is looking up his shorts. There’s no cock there, Jeez love. Just some fluff where genitals should be.

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